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Monthly Archives: May 2018


IBS’ 4th Annual Careers Day was held on Wednesday, March 21st from 2:00 to 5:00 pm. Students from the classes of 3ème to 1ère  accompanied by their teachers had the opportunity to listen to volunteer parents talk about their professions, discover new universities, and overall learn about different types of careers.

The atrium was set up to welcome parents who came to talk about their careers, and students benefitted from their knowledge and advice concerning different potential careers such as acting, law, communication, medicine or STEM. Moreover, the IT room was constantly projecting videos by parents who could not attend, to provide information about their careers: aviation, diplomacy, or marketing to name just a few.

The conference room, arranged to host universities, received schools such as l’EDHEC in Nice, the American University of Paris, Sciences Po and more. Several universities held talks in the amphitheater  throughout the afternoon, to present their programs, campus, and requirements to prospective students.

Mr Tricker and Mr Di Mauro also held talks to inform students about British, Dutch, and American universities. The IBS student body thus gathered much information about their potential academic or career paths, information helpful to make important choices in the years to come: what university to attend? what programme to study? Overall, it was an afternoon of discovery for our students.

Many thanks go to the parents who organised the successful event as well as the CAS volunteers who helped usher the students around! 


An international school with a brand new gym must have ONE thing – a basketball team! And what better to create one than a competition goal? Our sports teachers have understood this well and have not hesitated to register two teams, one for women and one for men, at an international tournament in Lisbon. February 9 was the Big Day. Once arrived at the school that organizes the tournament, we quickly understood that for our guests, basketball is serious. Their entire gymnasium is decorated with awards obtained through competitions. Our other competitors have also well prepared and inflict us two big defeats.

It’s not easy to re-motivate when we understand that it’s going to be hard to win, especially for boys, where some players have impressive levels for young fans. The day after an evening spent together around the fireplace of the hostel, the fighting spirit is back. We came here to have fun and we will give the best of ourselves to the end. With a remarkable cohesion, our two teams manage to progress each game and set up a real collective game. Both coaches have stars in their eyes and even Clementine Weingaertner, who has agreed to accompany us, becomes a basketball fan! In the end, the boys arrive in fifth place and the girls pull out a bronze medal. Their trophy goes around Lisbon, which we manage to visit on Sunday afternoon. On Monday, after three days of intensive sport, waking up at 3 a.m. to catch a plane is painful. An army of IBS zombies – exhausted, but proud – crosses the airport. And they became even more proud once they returned to school and where a nice reception at IBS was waiting to welcome them. To start over without any hesitation !


We were extremely grateful that Royal Canin’s Global Director, Mr Biasi de Lima, an IBS parent, shared his precious time on Tuesday Feb 6th with our IB Business Management students for a special presentation on his company and how it works. As part of the IB Business Management curriculum, our students are required to learn about how globalisation, ethics, culture, change, innovation and strategy play such vital roles in multi-national companies. Mr Biasi de Lima gave a fascinating talk on how these aspects impact Royal Canin as well as providing our students with invaluable information that will not only be essential in preparing for their final exams but has also provided them with a great insight into today’s ever changing and exciting business world.

Thank you to both Mrs Pont and Mr Besozzi for organizing this important event for our students.


On Tuesday, February 20th, accompanied by Mr. TOPPIA, the students of 1ère STMG were able to attend a lecture in the largest amphitheater campus  (the PORTALIS amphitheater). They discovered the university library as well as a big part of the university itself which was very interesting. The Faculty of Law (and Political Science) welcomes more than 10 000 students and teaches courses whose quality is widely recognized in France but also abroad.

This educational outing allowed them to discover a new vision of future studies. It was an enriching experience from every point of view.


For this year’s book month, the French department has organised a tasty trip around the five continents for the lower and high school students of IBS. An escape to greedy words, succulent sounds, come to awaken your senses. The lobby has been transformed for a few weeks into a true palace of gluttony!

The diversity of the activities carried out by the professors allowed to create a very greedy literary and international menu:

Aperitif: exquisite poems (6th and 2nd bilingual),

Starters: mishmash of fruits and vegetables (6th), gourmet self-portraits,

Main dish: family or imaginary recipes,

Dessert: tasty riddles (5th), author quotes (4ème).

To reward the students for their serious work and to conclude our tasty trip, Mrs. DI MAURO organized two outings that will take place in April: the visit of the chocolate manufacturing workshops in Puyricard as well as those of the Roy René confectionery in Aix-en-Provence.

Students and teachers have once again demonstrated creativity and enthusiasm.

A big thank you to my colleagues: Mrs MIJANGOS, MAUDET, TROPINI, for the beauty of the words and to Mr ARESES HUERTAS for the magic of the colors.

May 2018
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