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IBS CAS Council

In this year’s CAS council, the members include Adela, Adelaide, Anthony, Cecil, Étienne, Florian, Ruggero, Lily, Maxence, Apolline, Amelie, Axel, Theo and Charles. This year’s President is Adela and the Vice president is Adelaide.

CAS council is a group of DP1 (1ère) students who help to organise and plan school events. Examples of these school events could be fundraisers or this year’s Halloween event. The CAS council is an extremely good portrayal of the importance of teamwork in IBS. All the members are working together all the time in order to give the rest of the school great opportunities and fun times. Even though the CAS council is organised by the students, Ms Rimpault, the CAS supervisor, still has a say in what happens, to make sure everything is in order.

Even though the CAS council team is restricted to around 15 members, other students are still able to help them out. For example, students have been asked to help the CAS council organise the Halloween event for the school. When new events are in the midst of happening, you can always ask the president or vice president if there’s anything you can help with, which could be a CAS experience for you as well! Having a student council offers several benefits, such as promoting leadership skills among students, fostering a sense of responsibility and civic engagement, enhancing communication and teamwork abilities, providing a platform for student voice and representation, organising school events and activities, and creating a positive school culture. Student councils empower students to actively participate in the decision-making process, leading to a more inclusive and supportive school environment.

By Imogen Seaward, IBS Student

February 2024
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