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ZE Football Academy

Since September 2020, we have a new partnership with the ZE Football Academy, created by two former international professional football players, Ronald ZUBAR and Steeve ELANA.

The two friends offer a global vision of the game with their common set of values which they developed in Caen when they played together. Not only do they exchange information on how their young IBS football players are improving but they also have a positive impact on their general well-being. The ultimate goal is to teach the students the value of doing things well. This of course has a major impact on their athletic skills but also helps develop their sense of respectful sportsmanship and listening to their teammates to work better as a team.

This approach permits to emphasize each child’s potential and address every one’s project individually. Some may want to play at the highest level, others might embrace a university education accessible through sports commitment and some will only care about a well-balanced healthy life through high involvement in sports. Either way, ZE Football Academy makes a point of listening to the child as opposed to imposing the same vision to all.


This guiding principle is precisely why we at IBS are so enthusiastic about working with the ZE Football Academy, since we share the same motto.

For the day to day organisation, our system has been perfected and we have been able to adapt easily to maintain academic rigor despite the four to six hours of football training a week on top of the three fitness sessions.

Armed with their professional insight and network, The ZE Football Academy is in charge of referring players to the best suited local clubs as well as taking responsibility for their evolution through weekly trainings in person at the Laurent RUZZETTU Sports Complex : two synthetic and a grass pitches only two kilometres away from school.


The major asset of the ZE Football Academy comes down to an intensive monitoring process and this is also made possible thanks to the use of the application Mycoach Pro. Ronald and Steeve are capable of accumulating a series of specific data on the everyday well-being of each player, communicate with them outside of training times and adapt their efforts in real time during each session. A

team of medical professionals linked to high profile professional sportsmen are available in case of injury. This ongoing exchange develops a high level of trust between coaches and players that is rare.

Finally, courses on ethics of sport, health, nutrition, media and other important factors that influence the football players are possible to provide a comprehensive training.


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