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The empty classrooms… the misty dark sky… the stiffness in the air… it can only mean one thing… there is something strange and scary about. Then it hits you. Halloween. IBS of Provence was a frightful sight on the 19th of October. What with ghosts, dolls, clowns and hippies run

ning around it was hard to keep of everything and everyone.  But don’t even think that this just happened by itself. The CAS Council as well as several 1ère and Tle students helped put up decorations, organize the bake sale, plan the games, do the Haunting and ghoul catching and kid snatching in the Haunted House and many other spooky things. Decorations were being put up ‘till late on Wednesday night and people still put them up early on Thursday morning. Overall most kids dressed up, even those in the higher grades. The hippie squad in 1ère, the “onesie” animal crew in 3ème and 2end. Everyone had some spooky, creepy, cute or squad Something on. Halloween was in full spirit from the get go.  Throughout the day, most people helping or in charge of something was running around like crazy. It looked like ghosts, one moment here and the next they’re gone. Whether it was money, baked goods, finalizing a game or getting more masks for the Haunted House, everyone was busy, waiting and preparing for 15h00.

At 15h00 the fun and festivities started. Immediately the Costume Contest started and the people looked amazing. The work and planning done by some of those kids is amazing. From scary dolls to Grim Reapers and team costumes to solo acts, everyone looked absolutely spooky. Baked goods were haunting most people’s minds until they started disappearing out of thin air. Half of the goods were sold within the first hour and people were constantly coming back for more. The selection was also huge. From spider Oreo lollipops to Evil Eyeball Cupcakes and Rice Crispy Balls to Ghost Brownies, there was something for everyone. The Hau

nted House had people running and screaming, yet coming back for more each time. The general theme was IT and they didn’t disappoint. People were talking about how amazing it is, how unexpected the scares and Haunting was and how creepy clowns definitely worked well. Games were constantly being played and all in all it was really successful. Some people had their makeup done, a lot took some photos and everyone had a great time. Prizes were won, friends were made and people had a wonderful time and a great day. The CAS Council would like to thank everyone who either dressed up, baked a cake, help in the Haunted House or set up a game or decoration for all the help and participation. We would also like to thank all the members of faculty who allowed us to help out and Mr. Di Mauro. Thank you to you all who made the Halloween Party of 2017 a spooky success.  by Reinet le Roux, 1ère CAS Council News Editor

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