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Marie Leroy, an IBS student from 3ème, will be going on a trip to Egypt by the end of June during the summer. She is going to swim with dolphins with a group of people who have fought cancer. Marie has already been to one session to prepare for snorkeling which turned out to be great. The group of people were all smiling of joy and happiness and so much looking forward to leaving on this trip, also because most of the participants needed to quit their job. Marie explains that she is going on this trip because her mum has had cancer in the past and she is going to a place called ‘Centre Ressource’ in Les Milles, very close to school. They will be swimming with the dolphins three times a day. The dolphins will be like some sort of therapy because it will help them to calm down and to not be scared. The point is, if they are not calm, the dolphins will not come to them and swim very close by because stress is bad for cancer. Therefore, they are all seeking the long-term benefits of this trip. The whole group is very much looking forward into this crowd sourcing, it will be an extraordinary experience and will be a positive opportunity for them all.


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