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On the 1st of June 33 6éme and 5éme adventurers boarded the boat to the adorable island of Porquerolles. For the next 4 days the students explored the island under the caring hands of Mme Balandier-Brown, Mrs Asselberghs and Miss Safstrom. The most daring experience was when they challenged the waves in their kayaks. It was also a challenge for the teachers…to stay in the kayaks, surrounded by students eager to see them fall in the water! During the trip, they also discovered the islands ancient and sometimes brutal history through archaeological lessons. For example, did you know that in 2001 a man’s decapitated head was found on the beach ? Turns out he was an ancient Roman and was given the name Hector. With inspiration given by IBS art teacher, Mathilde Shroevers, the students decorated the beach with their innovative land art. Stones, sticks and sand were formed into amazing artwork enjoyed by the local beachcombers. Thanks to students and teachers for an amazing experience.

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