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Fall camp 2021

Fall Camp 2021 : NEW !Fall camp 2021 : This year for the first time, IBS organized a camp during Fall’s Holidays. We welcomed (for the second time this year) the International School of Ombrosa. Straight from Lyon, the CM1 students spent a week at IBS, between English classes, sports, artistic activities, and outings. It is always a pleasure to receive these students during our camps. Then, we also welcomed students from all over France who came to learn or improve their English during the week. Some students who had already come this summer came back to try our new activities for the Fall camp. The course always offers several formulas: morning only, full day, boarding... The students are always delighted to come to the courses offered in the morning, the small size of the classes (10 students maximum) allows everyone to go at their own pace and to learn while having fun! For students who spend the day on campus, after their English class in the morning they will be able to choose from a variety of activities. We try to offer students a variety of different activities each day. For example, during the camp we offered a different team sport each day: basketball, field hockey, badminton, soccer for instance. Or during the art classes, the students were able to create several projects that they could take home. On the other hand, the supervisors who stay with the students, organize little games when they return to the boarding houses, in order to create a friendly atmosphere during the course! During the Fall camp, we also welcomed IBS students from the IB section. Different modules were offered for their Math class: AISL / AIHL / AASL / AAHL

Mini Camp : After the success of the summer camp, the Mini Camp is back! Above all, the kindergarteners had a great week: games, creativity, pedagogy, songs, stories and more, in English and French of course! Our mini-campers made real masterpieces on the theme of Halloween: skeleton made of cotton stems, pumpkin painting... They even made a parade on the last day, to go trick-or-treating!

Football Camp : The Football Camp was also held during the first week of the vacations. Our registered students had English classes in the morning and soccer training in the afternoon with Ronald Zubar and Steeve Elana. Therefore, the camp ended with a great party on the theme of Halloween, with different games proposed to the children: creation of slim, blind touch, make-up workshop... then the party started and the students could dance until the arrival of the parents! A great week, good memories and a great team!

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