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“TAG DER DEUTSCHEN EINHEIT” (03-10-1990) On Friday, October 2nd, IBS hosted its annual German Day. Officially on the 3rd of October, all German citizens celebrate a quarter of a century of the reunification between East and West Germany. After World War II, Germany was divided into East and West. Due to this division, the former western capital, Berlin, was now located in the eastern part, even though it belonged to West Germany. As a result, many East German citizens fled to West Berlin. In order to stop this escape, the East German Government decided to build a big wall in 1961 which surrounded West Berlin. In 1989, the wall fell, following a revolution by East Germans and the entire German population was reunited into one German state. Although a national holiday, our dedicated German students attended classes at IBS! The entire canteen was decorated by our German teachers, Mrs. Hedwig Linneman and Mr. Dirk Klein, along with two students of 4ème: Paula Lehmann and Sofia Schachler. Another student from Tle IB, Tabea-Maria HAASE, prepared informative posters on the history of the Berlin wall. As you can see, all students enjoyed a typical German meal for lunch: Schnitzel mit Pommes!

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