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It’s Halloween At IBS!

Article written by Carmen Rico, 1ère Student Promptly at 8:15 on the 20th of October, the IBS CAS Council’s meticulously planned Halloween-themed day kicked off! With a mountain of spooky baked treats that looked straight out of the most professional bakery under their belts, and cobwebbed hallways, they animated our Thursday afternoons with a huge bake sale, candy hunting games, costume contest, other halloween-themed activities and the long awaited Halloween Hunt. After a morning of hectic last-minute decorating, planning, and getting everything into order, the gymnasium opened its doors and let the Halloween afternoon commence at 1:30, amassing vampires and ordinary IBS students alike. 1ere students, members of the CAS council, animated their stations with blow up shark costumes and fake stitches on the sides of their heads, each running a special activity for the middle school students, who were all invited to participate in the festivities. Face painting, pin-the-spider-on-the-spiderweb and Halloween music blasting on the speakers all lit up the gymnasium into a lively event. Other animations, spread out around the outdoor area, equally attracted attention- a CAS project raising funds to rebuild primary schools in Ukraine ran a candy guessing game, and it is obviously impossible to overlook the iconic costume contest, which was held in the middle of the courtyard on a sweeping red carpet. A photobooth allowed for students to make memories and get a little souvenir of the afternoon. The CAS council’s motivation and hard work clearly paid off in creating a beautiful event with an amazing atmosphere. Chloe L., vice president of the CAS council, recalls the stress of all the preparations, which have been underway since the beginning of the school year, but says it’s well worth it for the “great turnout” of students. Keera J. and Princess G. asserted, as they sold spiced pumpkin cakes and cinnamon cookies, that everyone seemed to be having a phenomenal time, and felt “integrated” into the activities. Finally, the crowning event of the afternoon was the Halloween hunt, an elaborate scavenger hunt that led students all throughout the school with riddles. A huge success for the CAS council, who wish you a very happy Halloween and a lovely vacation!


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