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Today, the Ypsilon groups of French B HL, SL and Ab Initio had the immense pleasure and honor to attend a lecture by the writer LYNA JONES, who nicely came to speak about her art. Author of “Twelve prayers”, “From Ashes to the Moon” and “A course in Miracles”, she also presented Anna, the main character of her novel to come. Coming from Normandie (France), Lyna has lived since some 15 years or so in the United-States where she could realize her dream : she could fulfill her life as a writer and also giving a free way to her passion for the English language, as well as following her main leitmotiv “Whatever your choices in life, you must follow your gladness”. We wish her all the best in her future projects ! A big thank you to our librarian Florence Michel, who made this encounter happen !

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