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A team of fourteen students attended the Paris ModeL United Nations from the 5th to the 7th of December this year to represent India, Egypt and Israel in the debate committees. Our ECOSOC delegates discussed questions of protectionism in LEDC's and attempted to establish international measure to deal with youth unemployment. The World Health committee was concerned with counterfeit medication and civilian health security during armed conflict whilst members of the Human Rights panel examined questions of human dignity in prison systems together with problems of responsibility to protect. We also had representatives in the Special Conference, the Disarmement, Environment and Political committees and all fourteen delegates are to be congratulated on the work they put into the preparation for each debate.Our free-time was spent in a stroll along the Champs Elysées to admire the Christmas decorations and then the following evening a visit to the Quartier Latin so it wasn't all hard work although we were all very tired when we got back to Aix. MUN is a very rewarding activity and there will be other opportunities to participate in conferences later in the year so please do join us!!


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