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School Calendar 2021-2022

The school year is already coming to an end, and the new year 2021-2022 is coming soon. In order to anticipate the start of the new school year and the weeks of vacation (during which we offer holiday camps), you will find here the new school calendar in pdf format. Do not hesitate to contact us for any question.

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IBS CAS Council

In this year's CAS council, the members include Adela, Adelaide, Anthony, Cecil, Étienne, Florian, Ruggero, Lily, Maxence, Apolline, Amelie, Axel, Theo and Charles. This year’s President is Adela and

Writing Week for CM2

The Writing Week took place from 2 to 9 October 2023. Pupils in the CM2 Pagnol class took part in the competition for the most beautiful handwritten text on the theme of "Achievement", the aim being

IBS Summer Camp 2023

The IBS of Provence Summer Camps offer an incredible opportunity for students to immerse themselves in a multicultural and multilingual environment, while having fun and building new skills. Our camps


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