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Writing Week for CM2

The Writing Week took place from 2 to 9 October 2023. Pupils in the CM2 Pagnol class took part in the competition for the most beautiful handwritten text on the theme of "Achievement", the aim being to share emotions and memories in writing. A pre-selection jury, made up of members of writing associations, will determine the best texts, which will be read during the final selection. The jury will then meet in November to select 10 winners in each age category from the shortlisted entries. The selection will be based on the following criteria, although the jury's assessment will be subjective:

  1. Consistency with the competition theme

  2. Compliance with the guidelines set out in the competition description

  3. The originality of the work submitted. The finalists will be chosen from among the entrants who meet all the conditions set out in the rules and who have sent their text before midnight on 11 October. Prizes

  4. The 1st in each category will receive 3 brand-name fountain pens and a gift of writing products.

  5. The 2nd place winner will receive 2 brand-name fountain pens and a supply of writing instruments.

  6. The 3rd place winner will receive 1 brand-name fountain pen and a gift of writing products.

  7. All the winners, from 1st to 10th in each category, will each receive a gift of writing products.Our values

  8. Supporting the learning of handwriting at school.

  9. Promote handwriting

  10. Rediscover the joy of sending and receiving letters and postcards. Aurélia Kalvas Teacher of CM2 PAGNOL


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