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Sports Studies Program

IBS of Provence Sports Studies Program


The sport studies program is designed for students who want to embrace a career as an athlete or simply want to live fully their passion. We make sure all aspects of the student athlete life run smoothly.

Sports performance together with academic success are both a priority to us. Everything is put in place to keep a flexible schedule and remain reactive everyday to fit all children’s projects.

Sport :

Student athletes are free to choose their sports centre / team / coach. However, if you need to be accompanied to find the right centre for you, we will help you.

On top of their sports, student athletes have the opportunity to work with our own full time fitness coach on school premises. We offer up to three sessions a week aiming at strengthening core muscles, core postural strength, cardio work out, preparation and cool down.

School reports :

We make sure sports life has an impact on academics by including a mark and a comment in the school report that comes from the sports coach up to 2nde. Fitness is also assessed and appears on the school report too.

Timetable :

Everything is put in place to keep a flexible schedule and remain reactive everyday to fit all children’s projects.

Generally, for the younger ones, we are able to liberate up to 6 hours a week by allowing art and school sports to be skipped. In the PreIB section, students can select 6 subjects instead of 9, which correspond to the profile they are aiming for at IB level. There is flexibility for a change of subject at the start of the IB since not all subjects are liable to having been studied prior to the IB program in order to enrol.In the IB section, we offer to lighten the time spent on academic studying through organising the program over 3 years instead of 2.

Lightening the academic content is not obligatory but is strongly recommended. We don’t offer the program during primary school years.


Academic follow-up :

If a child has to miss a lesson due to sports commitments, we organise « studies » where one of our qualified teacher sits with sport students exclusively and helps them catch up on the material missed. There are no more than six students at a time. Up to three hours of contact are dedicated to individual monitoring and are offered after school or during the day, may the timetable permits.

For more information, please contact Clementine Cordesse

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