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Primary School


Nursery, Pre-Kindergarten and Primary (from 2 to 10 years old)

Our curriculum at IBS of Provence Primary School is inspired by Early Learning Goals as laid out by the English Department of Education and the French Education Nationale. Our main aims are to nurture children’s natural curiosity and enthusiasm, to foster self-confidence, to promote social and personal skills for children to become successful and happy life long learners.

The curriculum is cross curricular and taught through enquiry play activites. Children engage in independent and adult led activities which link skills from the different learning aspects of : language and communication, physical, social, mathematical, knowledge of the world, and creative. Children interact with the adults and children in class, and are continually assessed in their learning journey through observation and recording.

Parents form a crucial part of this journey, and their partnership with the school enables shared understandng and enrichment of their child’s development. Parents are invited to attend workshops and presentations each term to participate in and understand the teaching and learning in class.

As an international bilingual school, the week is equally divided between French and English, with complete days of immersion. Successive days in each language helps embed language acquisiton, but is also key in making children feel secure, establishing relationships with the class teachers : a native French speaker on French days and a native English speaker on English days.

The binome of teachers work closely together to plan and deliver the curriculum, and to ensure continuity in teaching and learning experiences. They share a passion for teaching young children, knowing that the early years are the vital foundations for successful learning as children grow.

The learning environment is one where children are encouraged to ‘have a go’, to experiment, to learn and build from errors, to be inquisitive, active learners who ask questions, are keen to explore, and can communicate and interact with others.

We look forward to welcoming your children to our international community!


What grade would my child be in at IBS of Provence?

MOYENNE SECTION Reception Pre-Kindergarten Kindergarten Scuola primaria Educación Infantil (1° Ciclo)
GRANDE SECTION Year 1 Kindergarten Kindergarten Scuola primaria Educación Infantil (2° Ciclo)
CP Year 2 1st Grade 1. Klasse Prima Elementare
CE1 Year 3 2nd Grade 2. Klasse Seconda Elementare
Year 4 3rd Grade 3. Klasse Terza Elementare
CM1 Year 5 4th Grade 4. Klasse Quarta Elementare
CM2 Year 6 5th Grade 5. Klasse Quinta Elementare
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