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At IBS of Provence, we have over 150 boarding students who come from around the world –

such as England, Germany, Spain, Italy, UK, Switzerland, USA, Canada, Japan, India, Mexico and more….

Designed on the concept of a family home, under the watchful eye of supervisors,  the boarding section is an extension of the school day in a convivial atmosphere alternating between study periods, meals and leisure time. Five boarding houses accomodate students in rooms of four and students are encouraged to respect the basic rules of communal life; consideration for others, punctuality, personal hygiene and tidiness…


According to demand and with the exception of school holidays, the boarding section is always open. Periods for study, sports, games, cinema visits and various outings in the region are planned in consultation with the boarders.


The following services are available to boarders: travel bookings, transportation services, medical care monitoring and pocket-money management.

Le Mas des Fontaines (3ème and 2nde Girls)

Le Mas des Fontaines

(6ème, 5ème, 4ème)


Le Clos des Oliviers
(1ère, Tle Boys)

Le Clos des Oliviers

Le Relais Sainte Victoire (3ème and 2nde Boys)

Le Relais Sainte Victoire

(1ère, Tle Girls)

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