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Deco iBS


At IBS of Provence, we have a partial uniform (top only) for students from Pre-K (2 years old) to the end of Seconde (10th grade). In the last two years of high school (11th and 12th grade), students are allowed to wear their own clothes (no ripped jeans, skirts, etc.), as long as they are appropriate and in line with the school's policy.

The uniform consists of:


  • A short-sleeved polo shirt

  • A zipped jacket

  • A long-sleeved polo shirt

  • A hoodie

Students can choose which clothes to wear depending on the season. Bottoms are free (pants, skirt, shorts).

Uniforme IBS

We believe that the uniform brings several benefits:

  • A sense of unity and belonging to a community

  • A sense of equality and inclusion

  • A reduction of distractions and a better focus on learning

  • A saving of time and money for families

Pour les élèves de 1ère et de Terminale, le port de vêtements personnels leur permet de développer leur sens du style et leur individualité, toujours dans le respect du cadre scolaire.

For more information on the uniform

Please consult the internal regulations or contact the secretary.

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