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Our School Canteen

At our school, we believe that healthy and delicious food fuels happy and successful students. That's why our on-site canteen AGP (Atelier Gourmet of Provence) takes pride in preparing meals crafted with care and attention to detail.

Variety for Every Appetite:

Diverse Choices: Every day, students can choose from an array of dishes, including:

  • Main Courses: Both meat and fish options are available most days, alongside vegetarian and Halal-friendly choices.

  • Fresh Produce: A vibrant salad bar bursts with colorful and nutritious options.

  • Sweet Endings: A tempting selection of desserts awaits to satisfy your sweet tooth.

  • Seasonal Twists: In winter, warm up with our delicious homemade soups.

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Comfort & Choice:

  • Dedicated Spaces: Primary students enjoy their meals in a comfortable environment designed just for them.

  • Secondary Self-Service: Older students can personalize their choices at the self-service counter.

  • Themed Days: Thursdays are usually dedicated to vegetarian options, promoting healthy eating and culinary exploration.

Commitment to Quality:

  • Local & Bio Focus: Whenever possible, we source our ingredients from local producers and prioritize organic options.

  • Prepared with Love: Our dedicated kitchen staff prepares every meal with fresh, high-quality ingredients.

More Than Just a Meal:

We believe that a well-balanced meal fuels learning and development. Our canteen goes beyond serving food; it fosters a positive experience that contributes to a healthy and enriching school environment.

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