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IS of Marseille

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ISMarseille : A Bilingual Primary School in the Heart of Marseille

ISMarseille is a French-English bilingual primary school located in the heart of Marseille. It welcomes students aged 2 to 11 years (preschool to 5th grade).

The Environment

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ISMarseille is situated in a residential area of Marseille, close to public transport and amenities. The school has access to a large tree-lined park, which is within walking distance.

The Education

ISMarseille offers a French-English bilingual educational program that prepares students for the demands of today's world. Students follow a complete academic curriculum, from preschool to 5th grade, enabling them to acquire the necessary skills to succeed in higher education and their professional lives.

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Deco iBS


Bilingualism is at the heart of the education provided at ISMarseille. Students are immersed in both languages, French and English, from an early age. They benefit from high-quality bilingual education, which enables them to master both languages flawlessly.

Global Awareness

ISMarseille promotes openness to the world. Students have the opportunity to participate in international projects, discover new cultures, and meet students from around the globe.

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