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Boarding life at IBS offers students a unique opportunity to experience what the french call "convivialité", with other students who come from diverse cultures, countries and linguistic communities

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Example of a typical day for a boarder:

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 6:45 am: Wake up / Tidy up room
7:30 am: Bus departure for school
7:45-8:15 am: Breakfast at school
8:15 am-4:45 pm: School day
4:45-5:15 pm: Relaxation break / snack
5:15-6:15 pm: Study or extracurricular activity
6:15-7:00 pm: Dinner at school
7:00 pm: Bus departure for boarding schools
7:30-8:30 pm: Compulsory study time
8:30-9:30 pm: Free time / activities (manual, sports, TV evening, birthday celebrations...)
9:30-10:30 pm: Lights out depending on the age of the children

Indeed, IBS has 150 students living in boarding homes from 10 to 18 years old who benefit from a truly stimulating environment of linguistic and cultural exchange.

Of course, boarding students benefit from a specialized program (with scheduled study periods both at school and at their boarding homes).

These study periods are designed to encourage self-motivated, independent learning – a skill which will serve them well as they go on to study at university.

The close proximity enjoyed between students of diverse nationalities fosters language learning and cultural awareness.

Responsible, experienced adults living in the boarding homes work hard to ensure a climate of trust, respect and understanding.

In this way, our boarding homes provide students with a friendly, family-style atmosphere – a place of authentic “life together”.

  • What is the admissions process at IBS of Provence ?
    Students interested in applying to IBS of Provence can apply using our online Admissions Application on the link below. We accept applications year-round based on availability. The completed application must include the documents requested – the last two year’s of official school marks, a letter of motivation by the student, copy of student’s passport, current photo and a letter of recommendation from a teacher or school administrator (if possible, and only for Secondary students). The application is reviewed by our Admissions Committee which includes the Academic Director for that class. A full examination is given to the overall profile of the student to ensure that the school is a good fit for the student, and that the student is a good fit for the school. If further information is needed in order to assess, an additional recommendation letter or personal interview may be requested. Once the application is accepted, it will then go to the Admissions team to see if a place is available in the class and/or boarding house if needed. Please find below the link:
  • What are the criteria for admission to IBS of Provence ?
    At IBS of Provence we accept applications from students with all different types of backgrounds and academic interests. We are not an “elitist” school but we do look for motivated kids, who want to learn and will thrive in our multicultural environment. We do not accept students who are not motivated and who have behavorial issues which we feel will disrupt classroom learning.
  • What level of English (or French) does my child need to speak in order to attend your school ?
    We do not have a minimum requirement for English or French for the younger students (6ème to 4ème). Of course, if your child is older and applying to the IGCSE or IB Diploma programme, they should have a level of English sufficient to follow the courses. If they are older and applying to the French Baccalauréat then they need a level of French sufficient to allow them to follow the French programme.
  • Is it really possible for my child to learn French in one year ?
    Yes, we have had hundreds of students join us in the past 35 years who have gone home after only one year with a good level of French and without losing their native language.
  • Is there a school uniform ?
    There is a partial school uniform at IBS of Provence for all primary and secondary students (except final two years of schooling Year 12 and Year 13).
  • What is the academic record of the school ?
    IBS of Provence has a strong academic record in all exams – IGCSE’s, IB Diploma, Baccalauréat Français….and more. You can find below a link to our Exam Results which we update annually. Exam Results
  • Where do IBS graduates continue their university studies ?
    IBS graduate students are accepted to universities throughout the world.
  • Does the school offer extracurricular activities and school trips ?
    Yes, every year a large number of extracurricular activities and outings are offered to our students.
  • What is a typical day as a boarding student?
  • What does my child need for the Boarding House?
    You should give your child 1 duvet, 1 pillow, 2 sets of sheets and pillowcases and toiletries. Computer and cell phone usage is allowed up until bedtime. All of the boarding houses are equipped with a wireless internet connection.
  • My child is sick. What happens?
    If a student is ill in the morning, she/he must come to school so that the Coordinator can take the necessary steps to get him/her treated by a doctor.
  • What do boarding students do on the weekend?
    Various weekend activities are planned for the boarding students, often in consultation with the students themselves. The different activities include sports, artistic and cultural visits, free time, snow skiing, beach outings, etcMeals are organized at School, at the Boarding House or at a Restaurant.
  • My child has to come home for the weekend. How is this organised?
    Weekly boarders (who leave every weekend) can use the IBS shuttle service for a fee to get to the airport, train or bus station.The shuttles are in service on Friday starting at 3 pm and on Sundays starting at 5 pm.
  • What about laundry and cleaning?
    The Boarding Houses are cleaned daily by the IBS Cleaning staff but students have to tidy their rooms and make their bed before leaving. A weekly laundry service is provided for Permanent Boarders. They should bring their laundry on Wednesday morning and can pick it up cleaned and ironed the following Monday.
  • How are students distributed in the bedrooms?
    We try to mix the different nationalities, as much as we can. At the beginning of the School Year, students are allotted their bedrooms according to their age and/or grade, for the rest of the School Year. If 2 students want to share the same bedroom, they can ask for that before the School Year actually starts.
  • My child wants to spend a night outside of the Boarding House?
    During the week, students cannot spend the night outside the Boarding House except under special circumstances. During the weekend, students can have permission to spend more time outside or with a host family. Parents should send an authorisation at least 2 days before.
  • I want to give pocket money to my children. What do I do?
    Pocket Money should be given directly to the Boarding House Coordinator who will establish a school bank account. Once deposited, students can take out money when and as she/he needs.
  • Can my child take part in supplementary activities?
    During the week, Clubs are organised on some evenings as well as Wednesday afternoon.
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