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  • Website created for IBS of Provence by Market Academy, an internet service provider:

Market Academy

260 rue René Descartes

Grand Horizon 3

13290 Aix En Provence

SIRET: 798 979 704 00029

Phone: 09 72 37 37 80

For all information requests:

Internationnal Bilingual School Of Provence,

Independent private school

Registered with the Aix-Marseille Rectorate.

Number: 01 331 48 B.

IBS of Provence

Domaine des pins

500, Route de Bouc-Bel-Air Aix-en-Provence

13080 LUYNES France

Tel: +33 (0) 4 42 240 340

Fax: +33 (0) 4 42 240 891


  • Service provider for hosting and database rental services Inc.

Wix Online Platform Limited 

Adresse : 1 Grant’s Row, Dublin 2 D02HX96, Ireland.


The websites and (hereinafter referred to as the "Sites") are the property of the International Bilingual School Of Provence, an independent private school - Registered with the Aix-Marseille Rectorate. Number: 01 331 48 B.


Publication director: HEINICKEN Wendy.


In accordance with the provisions of the French law of January 6, 1978, relating to Information Technology, Files and Freedoms, the Sites, as well as the various automated data processing carried out from the sites, have been declared to the National Commission of Informatics and Liberties (CNIL). For more information regarding these declarations, you can contact our publication service.


French law shall be applied to all legal relations between internet users and IBS of Provence and/or its representatives, which relate to the sites and


First, it is necessary to distinguish between the two types of information that are collected from the Sites:

Personal information, such as your name, first name, email address, etc., which allow us to uniquely identify you. This information is personal and is considered confidential. We treat them specifically each time we ask you for them.

Impersonal information, such as your favorite color, your field of activity, the dates and times you connect to the Sites, your type of browser, the IP address of your machine, etc. This information does not allow us to uniquely identify you and has no personal character.


Personal information is only collected from your registrations or voluntary responses to forms on the Sites.


This information is exclusively used by IBS of Provence and will not be transmitted to third parties, unless this was clearly specified at the time of information collection, and you have given your consent. In case we would like to share this information with third parties later, we will ask for your authorization beforehand.


We do not disseminate any of the personal information that is collected; they are confidential. Right to rectification, modification, and deletion of your information: You have the right at any time to rectify, modify, and delete the personal information collected, either by making the changes yourself if the site allows it, or by contacting the publication service by email, or by mail at "IBS of Provence, Publication Service, Domaine des pins 500, Petite Route de Bouc-Bel-Air Aix-en-Provence 13080 LUYNES FRANCE".


The personal information collected may be kept for a maximum duration of one year after your last positive contact (modifications of your personal information, email received, etc.). This duration may be shorter, of course, IBS of Provence reserves the right to delete this information from its files at any time.



Information collection occurs at any time during your navigation on the Sites. The collection of impersonal information is carried out by components from the logs (log files) of our servers. We have access, for example, to the type of browser used, the IP address of the connected machine, the connection time, etc. Our components automatically collect the information; you cannot prevent this from your computer, therefore, if you do not want us to collect information, even impersonal, during your visit to our site, do not connect to and do not use it (see terms of use).


This impersonal information allows us to evaluate how our site is perceived (most frequented pages, average time and path of connection, etc.). We use them solely to improve the site and its overall image, its content, and ergonomics, to better satisfy you.


Statistics on the different impersonal information collected from the Sites may be disseminated. Since this information is aggregated, it does not allow for the personal identification of individuals who have connected, but rather to establish the "average" behavior of an internet user who uses our Sites. We may also share this information with our partners and other third parties so that they can evaluate the "profile" of the people who use our Sites.

You can ask questions about the management of the collected information to the publication service.


All personal or impersonal information that we collect may be subject to disclosure in the event that we have reasons to suspect that it is necessary to identify, contact, or take legal action against a person who could cause harm (intentional or not) or interfere with the rights or property of IBS of Provence, or a third party. In accordance with French law, we may disclose information about visitors to any physical person, moral entity, or administrative entity that has the power to demand it.


On all our sites' information collection forms, a small star * indicates the information that you must provide us to correctly process your request or registration. These are the mandatory pieces of information. Other information is optional, but can help us improve the processing of your request and personalize it.



All physical or moral persons to whom information disseminated on the Sites relates have been informed in advance of this dissemination (partners, clients, suppliers, etc.).


These individuals have a permanent right to modify, correct, and delete the disseminated information, in accordance with Article 34 of the "Information Technology and Liberties" law of January 6, 1978. They can exercise this right by contacting the publication service by email, or by mail. We will respond to their requests as quickly as possible.


The texts, images, animated or still, sounds, know-how, drawings, graphics (…) disseminated on the Sites are the exclusive property of IBS of Provence, or its providers, and are protected by copyright laws. Any use or diversion, total or partial, without express authorization is prohibited and would constitute an infringement punishable by the intellectual property code. Similarly, a hyperlink towards the Sites without the express and prior authorization of IBS of Provence is prohibited.


The hyperlinks from the Sites to external sites have been previously authorized, but as these sites are not controlled by IBS of Provence, IBS of Provence does not guarantee their content or the quality of their services.


In general, IBS of Provence cannot be held responsible for any damage resulting from the access, use of the services of this site, or from its non-use.

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