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3ème / 2nde / 1ère / Tle - IBS Section – French Baccalaureate

Committed to international openness, the IBS section offers a blended curriculum: approximately one-third of the classes are taught in English, while the remaining two-thirds follow the official program of the French national education system.

In this setup, 3rd-grade students can take the Brevet des Collèges (middle school diploma) while maintaining a strong emphasis on English. Beyond the 6 hours of English classes, three subjects—history, geography, and global perspective—are also taught in English.

At the end of the year, students have the choice to continue with the French baccalaureate (Bac français) or, if their English proficiency allows, join the International section of IBS.
Additionally, each year, a special program accommodates foreign students who wish to spend a year in France to improve their French language skills.

Possible Diplomas:

  • In 3rd grade: Brevet des Collèges – KET – PET – FCE

  • Starting from 2nd grade: IGCSE (2nd Language English)

Students IBS
Students IBS

French Section (1st/12th Grade)

IBS offers two paths within the French section: the general curriculum  and STMG.

1. General Curriculum: Available to students with the academic level required for this track. Options include mathematics or HLP (Humanities, Literature, and Philosophy); physics-chemistry or HGGSP (Geopolitics, Geopolitics, and Political Science); and SVT (Life Sciences and Earth) or SES (Economics and Social Sciences).

2. STMG Curriculum: Offers the option of "human resources" in the final year.
With an additional hour of English dedicated to exam preparation, the French program focuses on small class sizes to achieve high-
quality results. Personalized guidance is also provided for post-baccalaureate orientation (Parcoursup).


Beyond achieving excellent results in the baccalaureate, our students go on to pursue quality education both in France and abroad (Japan, Australia, England, Switzerland, and more).

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