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IBS  Graduate Students –

IB Words of Wisdom

Klara Svedevall2
Klara Svedevall

42 points

“Aim for the stars and you might reach the sky.”

Nidhi Kantak3

Nidhi Kantak

39 points

“My teacher once told me, ‘Only those who are willing to swim deeper in the ocean will find the treasure that lies beneath.”

Rachel Knight

Rachel Knight

43 points

Trinity College, Dublin

“It is not our abilities that show who we truly are – it is our choices.”

Sophia43Sophia Alber

40 points  

University of Auckland, New Zealand

“High achievement in the IB is the stepping-stone to a rewarding and fulfilling future”

Benny Hofer3Benyamin Hofer

39 Points

“The future belongs to those who remain loyal to their ambitions.”

Vincent Brooks3Vincent Brooks        

43 points              

University of Durham

“Start terminale by working a little bit every week, and continually revise, this makes it way easier towards the end – leave nothing until the last minute!”

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