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2024 Eloquence Contest

The 4th annual Eloquence Contest reached its climax this weekend with a most captivating finale. The three finalists, Rebecca, Sacha and Andrea, demonstrated remarkable talent in addressing Robert Badinter's quote: "There is no man on this earth whose guilt is total."

Rebecca opened with an incisive and nuanced speech, advocating for a humane approach to guilt. Her skillfully crafted words struck a chord with the jury. Andrea then captivated the audience with her impassioned plea on the inherent grey areas of the human condition. A true oratorical tour de force.

But it was Sacha who once again stole the show, clinching first prize. With brilliant eloquence, the speaker dissected the quote with disarming accuracy. A soaring performance that confirmed the immense talent of this high school senior prodigy, crowned for the second consecutive year.

Congratulations to all three finalists. Their communicative passion and rhetorical mastery augur well for a promising new generation in the now essential upcoming editions of this contest.


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