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🎗IBS "Pink Week 2023"

The annual fundraising event, "Pink Week 2023" organised by the Pre-IB was successfully held October 9th-13th during Breast Cancer Awareness Month on our IBS campus. With wonderful participatation, the "Pink Week" has gathered collective strength from IBS students, staff, and PIBS families to support the local charity, « Complètement Fadades. » "Pink Week 2023" aims to raise public awareness of the threat of breast cancer and raise funds to support « Complètement Fadades’ » work aim of conveying an image of hope to people affected directly or indirectly by cancer.

Similar to past years, Friday’s Pink Dress Day, was a true success. Students and staff showed their support in eye-catching outfits wearing pink ribbons and bagdes. The Pre-IB raised an impressive amount to donate to charity and could not have done it without all of the amazing support, organization, and investment of those involved.

About « Complètements Fadades » Serving all people affected in one way or another by cancer, men and women. All people undergoing chemotherapy, hormone therapy, radiotherapy or even in remission are welcome. They work to prevent patients from entering isolation. Through sport the aim is to prove to those affected that they are still capable of setting goals, progressing and taking control of their bodies.

Thank you again for all of your support and efforts and wishing you a happy and healthy holiday!


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