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Living in Provence: An Idyllic and Cosmopolitan Setting to Raise Children

Lavender fields in Provence

Provence, the sunny region of southern France, offers an idyllic and cosmopolitan environment for families. Its breathtaking natural landscapes, rich cultural heritage, enviable art of living, and international diversity make it a privileged destination to settle and raise children at IBS of Provence.

An Optimal Mediterranean Climate in Provence

With over 300 days of sunshine per year and mild winters, Provence enjoys a clement climate conducive to outdoor activities all year round. An ideal setting for children's well-being, on campus (tennis, football, swimming pool, etc...), and off campus.

Preserved Nature, a Source of Rejuvenation

From endless lavender fields to majestic calanques, the diversity of natural landscapes offers an exceptional playground for family hikes and picnics.

A Unique Cultural Mosaic

A crossroads of Greco-Roman, Provençal, and now international cultures, Provence vibrates with exceptional cultural diversity. Our children grow up open to the world, in contact with this mosaic of influences.

Marseille Old Port with Notre Dame de La Garde Basilic

An Unparalleled Art of Living

Here, the art of living has been elevated to an art form. From colorful markets in Aix-en-Provence to shaded village terraces, everything encourages family relaxation in the Provençal sweetness of life.

typical provencial market

A Dynamic Cosmopolitan Community

A true welcoming land, Provence attracts many expatriate families in search of this sweet art of living. Our school is a shining example, with students from over 70 different nationalities!

Enjoy this melting pot in an idyllic natural setting, where cultural richness, quality of life, and academic excellence blend perfectly for the well-being of your children.

In Provence, there is no doubt they will grow up happy and open to the world

at IBS of Provence!


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