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We offer our student-athletes personalized follow-up and support from a dedicated teacher, small group study time (less than 10 students), and personalized homework and exam schedules to accommodate their constraints.

Specific schedule adjustments by class:

  • 6th/5th/4th grade: Art + school sports + computer science = 7 hours freed up

  • 3ème & 2nde IBS: Art + school sports = 4 hours freed up

  • Pre-IB 1 & 2: 6 subjects instead of 9

  • 1ère and Terminale IB (DP1 & DP2): Possibility to take the IB diploma in 3 years instead of 2.

Sports sessions:

  • 2 x 1-hour small group (max. 5 players) sessions on fundamentals and pre-teamwork

  • Discussions on match-related issues: analysis of strengths and weaknesses to allow player profiling.

  • Specific footwork training. Coordination and speed of execution. Power

  • Joint mobilization and specific muscle strengthening. Power and speed.

  • Breathing, flexibility, deep muscle strengthening, relaxation.

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IBS Basketball

Established in 2022, the IBS Basketball Academy aims to supervise young players who wish to develop their specific physical abilities (Explosiveness, Speed, and Power), techniques (dribbling, passing, pivoting, and shooting), and tactics.

Our goal is to meet their sporting and academic goals.

Individualized pathways are the key to the success and fulfillment of middle and high school students. This is why the IBS Basketball Academy offers personalized and tailored support to each individual, with a choice of:

  • Sport-Studies Basketball

  • IBS Basketball Academy

Innovative equipment for rapid progress:

  • Use of innovative equipment to precisely work on basketball technique (proprioception gloves, strobe glasses, blazepods, etc.)


One-hour session focused exclusively on the player's individual fundamentals: shooting, passing, dribbling.

  • 1 or more weekly sessions per player

  • Optimization of time within the school: Small group training (slots based on the child's age, level, and schedule) when the students have a free slot.

Coachs IBS BAsketball Academy

Our Team

For more information about the IBS Basket Academy, please contact us:

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