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IBS Primary : A dazzling show to close the school year

The primary school pupils offered a true fireworks display of talents during their end-of-year shows. The amphitheater, packed for the occasion, vibrated to the rhythm of varied and colorful performances by our young budding artists.

The elementary students, from first to fifth grade, impressed the audience with a multilingual concert. As for the preschoolers, they transported the spectators into the Olympic universe with a colorful show. Each class proudly represented a different country and sport, offering a captivating sporting tour of the world. From swimming to football, through tennis, rugby, gymnastics, and taekwondo, the little athletes embodied the Olympic spirit with enthusiasm and creativity.

Despite understandable stage fright, all students showed remarkable courage by taking the stage in front of a large audience composed of parents, grandparents, brothers, and sisters.

This show not only allowed children to express their creativity and talents but also highlighted the importance of cultural diversity and physical education in the school curriculum.

The school administration warmly congratulates all participants for their hard work and magnificent performance, as well as the teaching team for their dedication in preparing this exceptional event. A beautiful way to conclude the school year, leaving everyone with unforgettable memories before the summer holidays!


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