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Creativity Blooms at the IBS Annual Art Show

The IBS Annual Art Show is a vibrant celebration of student creativity from Grade 6 to Grade 11. This year's exhibition showcases an impressive array of artworks across various media - drawing, painting, sculpture, graphic design, fashion, digital art, and film.

A highlight are the portfolios providing insight into the creative process behind theme-based works inspired by the students' personal interests. Many pieces demonstrate masterful traditional techniques while others embrace innovation through cutting-edge digital formats.

The show isn't just about displaying talent - it's a community event fostering self-expression.

Art Day kicks things off with hands-on activities for all ages to unlock their inner artists.

As you explore the powerful student pieces, you'll be reminded of art's vital role in nurturing well-rounded individuals and cultural enrichment.

Don't miss this celebration of our young artists' passion and skills!


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