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IBS celebrates the end of the school year

IBS of Provence concluded the 2023-2024 school year with two memorable festive events, marking the end of a year rich in learning and experiences for both its primary and secondary school students.

On June 19th, the secondary school students kicked off the celebrations. The school's amphitheater was transformed into a vibrant stage where the talents of our young dancers were showcased. The dance performances, passionately prepared throughout the year, dazzled the audience of parents, teachers, and students.

To conclude this spectacle, the diploma ceremony took place, highlighting our students' accomplishments throughout the year.

Afterwards, our parents, teachers, and students gathered outside to celebrate this end of the year with music on the dance floor.

A week later, on June 26th, it was the primary school students' turn to bid farewell to their school year during a joyful garden party. The event began with a touching diploma ceremony for the Year 6 students, marking their transition to secondary school. This year, IBS had the pleasure of also welcoming graduates from its sister school in Marseille, strengthening the ties between our two establishments.

Like their older counterparts, the primary school students demonstrated their artistic talents during captivating dance performances in the amphitheater. Meanwhile, the younger children had fun in the school yard, enjoying outdoor games specially set up for the occasion.

A delicious brunch, carefully prepared by the AGP catering service, delighted both young and old, adding a gourmet touch to this already memorable day.

It was also an opportunity for all students and their families to collect t

he Yearbook, our souvenir book of the 2023/2024 school year.

Both events were marked by a warm and friendly atmosphere, reflecting the community spirit that characterizes IBS. Students, parents, and teachers were able to share moments of joy and pride, celebrating together the successes of the past year.

IBS wishes all its students and their families an excellent summer vacation, well-deserved after this successful school year.


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