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The Olympic Games Come to Kindergarten

Over the past few weeks, our little ones have had the chance to participate in a series of workshops and school outings focused on discovering Olympic disciplines. This initiative aims to raise their awareness of the importance of sport in their physical and mental development while instilling in them the fundamental values of Olympism.

Our students were able to attend a captivating demonstration of Jujitsu, a Japanese martial art combining defense and combat techniques. This experience allowed them to understand the importance of self-control and respect for the opponent.

They then received a visit from the goalkeeper of PAUC Handball, a local club playing in the top national division and a privileged partner of IBS. The children had the opportunity to discover this sport and exchange a few balls with this professional player, whom some of them were able to see in full action that very evening during the match against Montpellier.

The visit to the legendary Vélodrome stadium of Olympique de Marseille was another highlight of this program. The children were able to set foot on the pitch of this place steeped in history and soak up the unique atmosphere that reigns there.

Artistic swimming was also in the spotlight, with a breathtaking demonstration by Virginie Dedieu, multiple Olympic medalist in this discipline. Her grace and precision amazed our young students (and our staff), who were able to measure the demands and beauty of this sport.

Finally, our budding little champions took part in real Olympics, with archery, relay races, a cooperative race, field hockey, and Frisbee on the program. These fun activities allowed them to discover new disciplines, develop their team spirit, and taste the joys of surpassing themselves.

Through these workshops and outings, IBS of Provence wishes to awaken in our students a lasting passion for sport and the values of Olympism. An initiative that contributes to making our little ones fulfilled and responsible citizens of the world.


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