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Monthly Archives: October 2023

🎗IBS “Pink Week 2023”


The annual fundraising event, “Pink Week 2023” organised by the Pre-IB was successfully held October 9th-13th during Breast Cancer Awareness Month on our IBS campus. With wonderful participatation, the “Pink Week” has gathered collective strength from IBS students, staff, and PIBS families to support the local charity, « Complètement Fadades. »
“Pink Week 2023” aims to raise public awareness of the threat of breast cancer and raise funds to support « Complètement Fadades’ » work aim of conveying an image of hope to people affected directly or indirectly by cancer.
Similar to past years, Friday’s Pink Dress Day, was a true success. Students and staff showed their support in eye-catching outfits wearing pink ribbons and bagdes. The Pre-IB raised an impressive amount to donate to charity and could not have done it without all of the amazing support, organization, and investment of those involved.
About « Complètements Fadades »
Serving all people affected in one way or another by cancer, men and women. All people undergoing chemotherapy, hormone therapy, radiotherapy or even in remission are welcome. They work to prevent patients from entering isolation. Through sport the aim is to prove to those affected that they are still capable of setting goals, progressing and taking control of their bodies.
Thank you again for all of your support and efforts and wishing you a happy and healthy holiday!


Celebrating Cultural and Linguistic Diversity

Celebrating Cultural and Linguistic Diversity: A Vibrant Experience at IBS

 At IBS, we recently came together to celebrate the richness of Cultural and Linguistic Diversity on October 12th and 13th, an event that showcased and honoured the various cultures and languages within our community.

 The Spanish and Foreign Languages Departments orchestrated a remarkable “Objects from around the World” exhibition, which served as a portal to explore the captivating cultures and traditions that our students bring with them from their home countries. As a captivating highlight, we were incredibly fortunate to receive a stunning collection of souvenir plates, recognized in the Guinness Book of Records as the world’s largest, generously provided by the Kundins’ family. This exhibition was a delightful window into the colourful mosaic of global heritage.

 In addition to this exhibition, a series of insightful conferences and workshops were thoughtfully organised, tailored for students from 6ème to 4ème. These sessions delved into intriguing topics such as “Does Language Affect Our Thinking?” and “How Do Languages Change and Evolve?” These engaging discussions expanded our horizons and left us pondering the profound role of language in shaping our world.

 One of the most intriguing moments during this celebration was the exploration of the biblical story of the Tower of Babel, which vividly illustrates the concept of language diversity. Students embarked on a journey to reconstruct the Tower of Babel without the ability to communicate verbally. This exercise served as a reminder of the power and importance of language in our lives.

 By nurturing a more inclusive and enriching learning environment for our students, we not only fostered academic growth but also planted the seeds of understanding and respect for one another’s differences. These values are undeniably crucial in the 21st century, where global interconnectedness and cooperation are prerequisites for success. Our celebration of Cultural and Linguistic Diversity was a reminder that unity in diversity is not just an ideal; it’s a living reality at IBS.


Spelling Bee Contest – House Competition

🎉 Congratulations to the 14 contestants who rocked the Spelling Bee House Competition! 🐝📚

Our winner, Elena (AURO / Pre-DP2), triumphed over the fierce competition, including the formidable Nicolas (AIGO / 4ème). 🥇👏
We’re thrilled to have hosted this spellbinding contest, open to all secondary school students, organized by our English department. 🌟📝
A heartfelt thank you goes out to all the dedicated staff members who made this event a success. 🙌✨ Your support and commitment are truly appreciated.

IBS CAS Council

In this year’s CAS council, the members include Adela, Adelaide, Anthony, Cecil, Étienne, Florian, Ruggero, Lily, Maxence, Apolline, Amelie, Axel, Theo and Charles. This year’s President is Adela and the Vice president is Adelaide.

CAS council is a group of DP1 (1ère) students who help to organise and plan school events. Examples of these school events could be fundraisers or this year’s Halloween event. The CAS council is an extremely good portrayal of the importance of teamwork in IBS. All the members are working together all the time in order to give the rest of the school great opportunities and fun times. Even though the CAS council is organised by the students, Ms Rimpault, the CAS supervisor, still has a say in what happens, to make sure everything is in order.

Even though the CAS council team is restricted to around 15 members, other students are still able to help them out. For example, students have been asked to help the CAS council organise the Halloween event for the school. When new events are in the midst of happening, you can always ask the president or vice president if there’s anything you can help with, which could be a CAS experience for you as well! Having a student council offers several benefits, such as promoting leadership skills among students, fostering a sense of responsibility and civic engagement, enhancing communication and teamwork abilities, providing a platform for student voice and representation, organising school events and activities, and creating a positive school culture. Student councils empower students to actively participate in the decision-making process, leading to a more inclusive and supportive school environment.

By Imogen Seaward, IBS Student

Writing Week for CM2

The Writing Week took place from 2 to 9 October 2023.

Pupils in the CM2 Pagnol class took part in the competition for the most beautiful handwritten text on the theme of “Achievement“, the aim being to share emotions and memories in writing.

A pre-selection jury, made up of members of writing associations, will determine the best texts, which will be read during the final selection. The jury will then meet in November to select 10 winners in each age category from the shortlisted entries.

The selection will be based on the following criteria, although the jury’s assessment will be subjective:

  • Consistency with the competition theme
  • Compliance with the guidelines set out in the competition description
  • The originality of the work submitted.

The finalists will be chosen from among the entrants who meet all the conditions set out in the rules and who have sent their text before midnight on 11 October.


  • The 1st in each category will receive 3 brand-name fountain pens and a gift of writing products.
  • The 2nd place winner will receive 2 brand-name fountain pens and a supply of writing instruments.
  • The 3rd place winner will receive 1 brand-name fountain pen and a gift of writing products.
  • All the winners, from 1st to 10th in each category, will each receive a gift of writing products.

Our values

  • Supporting the learning of handwriting at school.
  • Promote handwriting
  • Rediscover the joy of sending and receiving letters and postcards.


Aurélia Kalvas
Teacher of CM2 PAGNOL

October 2023
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